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LazerPuzzle is a traditional laser game for the Google Android operating system with some advanced features.

Core features

  • Direct laser beams with prisms and different types of mirrors to hit the targets.
  • Rely on beamers emitting beams capable of hitting several targets.
  • Consider targets needing several hits.

Built-in puzzle campaings

  • Tutorial campaing to teach you all the tricks you'll need to solve the puzzles.
  • Additional campaings for more food for your brain.

Random puzzles

  • After you have finished the built-in campaings, try out the endless fun on random-generated puzzles.
  • Try yourself at different levels, from novice to the master of labyrinths.


Both the built-in campaings and the random-generated puzzles feature several themes for more fun:


Extensible architecture to enable installing themes and maps downloaded later on. Check out the downloads section for available extensions.





Download the new theme Africa.


Try the free version of the game.

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