PlaneForge technology was created to bring a more sophisticated gaming experience to the advanced mobile phones getting more and more widespread.


Concept of the PlaneForge technology is to create an independent game engine capable of playing arbitary game modules.

For game authoring, a platform independent ModuleEditor is available for the game designers.

Games the (see Games section) provide the fun fot the users. The PlaneForge RPG system is designed with the features of mobile phones in mind.

A state-of-the-art game module developed with the PlaneForge ModuleEditor is is being developed to demonstrate the PlaneForge technology. For more indormation see the pages of the game The Fallen Kingdom.

Game Engine

The game engine is a Symbian Series 60 application created to play game modules. It is designed to be a high-speed role-playing game environment written and optimized for capabilities of advanced mobile phones.

It runs on a variety of phones:

For more information see here.


The PlaneForge ModuleEditor is a pure JAVA application designed for authoring PlaneForge modules. It is created to support all the capabilities and features of the game engine.

For more information see here.