PlaneForge - The Fallen Kingdom


The Fallen Kingdom is the first official game for the PlaneForge game engine authored with the PlaneForge ModuleEditor.


The world has fallen into chaos. The once rich and prosperous Kingdom was shattered after the death of the old King Marlem, ravaged by quarreling lords, warchiefs and mages. Only death, destruction and anarchy remain in the shadow of the once glorious empire. Rule of the land was seized by the most powerful witch lord Bozokhar, who slaughters anyone denying his legitimacy over the land.

The inner country fell on its knees in front of the Dark Legions. Crops, products and gold were taken into the new capital, into the city of Haron. No one guards the peace on the roads any more. The watchtowers are shattered, the city walls are broken down. The peaceful folk of the Kingdom starve. The villages and towns are looted again and again by gangs of bandits and raiders.

Only the Borderlands remain safe, far from the imperial seat of the evil lord. But the east wind brings the smoke of the burned down villages and fields even into this outer region.

This is the time of adventurers and soldiers of fortune. There are more and more lonely striders on the roads, who take their life into their own hands. There are more and more, who dare to risk their life in the wilderness of anarchy and dare to take a chance.

Do you dare to try your luck? Do you dare to face your fate on the lands of the Fallen Kingdom? Do you dare to step on the road? Try out what you are made of! Find out what you can achieve here!